Faculty and Scholars

International Week 2016

Employing Foreign Nationals

The International Faculty and Scholar Advisor advises departments on GMU and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) policies and procedures for employing foreign nationals to ensure compliance with U.S. immigration laws and regulations. In addition, the International Faculty Advisor prepares and files employment-based visa petitions with USCIS on behalf of George Mason University.  Click here to learn more.

J-1 Exchange Visitor Program

The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program operates under the auspices of the U. S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The purpose of the Exchange Visitor Program is to increase mutual understanding between the people of the Unites States and the people of other countries by means of educational and cultural exchanges. Each Exchange Visitor Program has a program description under which that program must operate and designates an individual or individuals as the University staff responsible for the administration of the particular J-1 program.  Click here to learn more.

Online Immigration Services

Irina Chizhova
Assistant Director for Faculty and Exchange Visitor Services
Email: ichizhov@gmu.edu

Online Immigration Services

Moksheda Thapa
International Faculty & Scholar Advisor
Email: mthapa4@gmu.edu