OIPS Programming Team

Proffessional Staff

Brandon Quiles
Associate Director for Internationalization and Outreach
Camden, New Jersey

Hi! I’m Brandon Quiles and I am the Assistant Director for International Programs. I’ve been at Mason for 4 years, and am passionate about learning about different cultures. I love learning different cultural dances, trying different international cuisine, and watching foreign films. I also consider myself an explorer, and hope to visit as many countries as possible.

Yali Pan
Assistant Director for International Programs
Xi’an, China

Hi! I am Yali Pan and I just started as the Assistant Director for International programs since Spring 2020 semester. I love learning different languages, travelling and enjoying delicious food from different parts of the world. I look forward to learning from each and every one of you!

Jonathan Carmona
Global Programs Coordinator
Dorado, Puerto Rico

Hello, I am Jonathan Carmona and I work as the Global Programs Coordinator in OIPS. I have been at Mason for 9 years (6 as a Mason student and 3 as a staff member), and I love working and meeting international and domestic students from all over the world! I love learning about other cultures and I want to visit Thailand, Brazil, and Australia one day!

Alexis Plater
Community Director on the A.C. Global Center for Housing and Residence Life
Coral Springs, FL

Hey y’all! I’m Alexis Plater and I am the Community Director for the Global Center and I work part-time in OIPS. I started at Mason in July of 2019 and driven to work with students because of my commitment to diversity and inclusion and advocating for folks that may nor be able to themselves. My top strength is Learner, so I love talking to people about their experiences, watching TV and movies for around the world, and eating food from all cultures. I am working on learning a few different languages, such as Japanese and Korean, and plan to visit these places one day soon!

Student Staff

Jasmine Walmon 
Graduate Program Assistant
Newport News, Virginia

Hi, my name is Jasmine and I’m a first-year graduate student studying Global Affairs. I’m a Program Assistant here at OIPS and I help facilitate different events held for international as well as domestic students. I love learning new things about different cultures and exploring new places! I am new to the area so I hope to explore northern Virginia more!