International Travel

Currently, international travel is unpredictable and often incredibly challenging.  Re-entering the United States from certain countries can be practically impossible due to Presidential Proclamations that are still in place, as well as restrictions on travel, visa issuance, unexpected COVID-19 surges, and quarantines in other countries.

If you will need to obtain a visa stamp to re-enter the United States, many U.S. consulates abroad are either not offering normal visa services, offering limited services, or canceling previously scheduled appointments without explanation or notice. IF YOU LEAVE THE U.S., YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO RETURN IN THE TIMEFRAME THAT YOU ANTICIPATE.  DELAYS MAY BE SIGNIFICANT AND MAY HAMPER YOUR ABILITY TO CONTINUE EMPLOYMENT.

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND NON-EMERGENCY TRAVEL FOR H-1B EMPLOYEES.  George Mason University has already had several employees be unable to return to the United States in a timely manner due to visa issuance delays, the presidential proclamations, and quarantine restrictions.

If an emergency arises and you will need to travel outside of the United States, please notify your supervisor, your HR liaison, OIPS at, and the Office of Research Integrity and Assurance: in advance of your travel, if possible.