Apply for your F-1 Visa

1. Verify all information on your I-20

  • You name and date of birth should match the information in your passport. If you find any errors on your I-20, contact before scheduling your visa interview.

2. Pay your SEVIS fee

3. Apply for your F-1 visa

4. Prepare for your visa interview

Most visa interviews last about 5 minutes. It is important to demonstrate to the visa officer your plans of study, ties to your home country and your plans to return home after the completion of your program. He or she may ask you questions like:

  • Why did you choose George Mason University?
  • What interests you about your program of study?
  • What do you plan to do after you obtain your degree or certificate?
  • What kind of work will you do when you return home?

Remember to be honest and yourself.  First impressions are important!

Usually a decision to grant or deny a visa is made during the interview. However, some students might be subject to administrative processing or a security clearance.

Please contact if you are subject to administrative processing, a security clearance, or if your visa has been denied under 214b (non-immigrant intent).