Check-in FAQs

Q: Why does OIPS no longer provide in-person check-ins?
A: The online check-in will save you time!  Students are no longer required to travel to campus and check in during specific office hours.  During busy times, the wait time could be as long as two hours.

A: I think I submitted a copy of my passport twice and I forgot to attach a copy of my visa.  What should I do?
Q: You can send an email to  Make sure you include your name, G number and the reason for your email.  An OIPS staff member will then open your submission and send the form back to you so that you can attach the correct document (you will not have to complete and resubmit all the other documents).

Q: How will I know if my check-in is complete?
A: You will receive an email confirming that your check-in is complete.  You will then be able to apply for a Social Security Number (only for students with a job offer letter!) and/or a U.S. driver license.

Q: Does OIPS provide any other programs or services before the start of classes?
A: Yes! OIPS offers new student support hours, social and cultural programs and orientation.  Click here for more information.