Writing Center Support for Multilingual Students

The University Writing Center offers services to support student writers at Mason. If you are an undergraduate student, graduate student, or visiting scholar with a first language other than English, the Writing Center has ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) programs to support your English communication needs.

Resources for All Multilingual Student


You can make an appointment to meet a tutor on Zoom or upload your draft for a tutor’s written feedback. For more information on how Zoom tutoring works, visit this page.

For more information on how to receive written feedback, visit this page.


Regular Tutoring:

If you want to meet regularly with the same tutor each week, sign up for the ESOL Opt-in program. You will be paired with a tutor who will work with you on your writing tasks throughout the semester. For more information, visit this page. Sign up using this form. For questions, contact esloptin@gmu.edu.


Other Writing Resources:

You can benefit from the Writing Center’s quick guides on topics related to academic writing, or refer to this list of outside resources.


Contact wcenter@gmu.edu if you have any questions.


Resources for Graduate-level Multilingual Students


If you are a graduate student working on your thesis or dissertation, an article for publication, or a paper over 15 pages in length, make an appointment for a Thesis/Dissertation Consultation with a PhD student tutor on the Thesis/Dissertation schedule.

If you are a graduate student working on less lengthy writing projects for your coursework, you may make an appointment with any tutor on the regular tutoring schedule. Consider working with the same tutor through the semester to allow the tutor to become familiar with your projects and area of study.


Writing Groups:

In the ESOL Graduate Writing Groups program, you will meet every week with a group of 4-6 other graduate students to receive and provide constructive feedback on one another’s writing. Groups are facilitated by the Writing Center’s ESL Specialist. The number of groups is limited and you need to sign up by the second week of the semester to be placed in a group. For more information, visit this page. Sign up using this form. For questions, contact the Writing Center ESL Specialist, Idée Edalatishams, at iedalati@gmu.edu.


Other Groups and Resources:

Consider signing up for the Weekly Friday-morning Write-Ins, when a group of graduate students meet on Zoom simply to write together. Making regular time to write can be easier if you commit to doing it with a group of people who also want to make progress on their writing goals. Find more information and sign up on this page. You can find additional resources and events on this page.


For a general introduction and how to make an appointment at the Writing Center, watch the following video: