Global Discovery

Marco Polo

The Silk Road

In 1271, Marco Polo traveled east from Venice for the adventure of a lifetime. You can start your journey here! Along the Silk Road, you will meet several Mason students and begin to experience different cultures, perspectives and ideas.

The Silk Road existed to exchange goods and ideas. Major commodities included silk, tea and spices. The exchange of ideas, such as religion, science and art, influenced and shaped societies and created hubs of culture and learning. George Mason University has many "roads" to travel. Join the students, faculty and staff as they exchange ideas and create hubs of culture and learning.


This online interactive and gamified e-learning module will open new doors and test your global knowledge!

You can customize your journey, by changing your destination or tour guides. The combination of voice-over, engaging videos and interactive maps will bring the world to you. You can test your knowledge through trivia and online games (geography, language, etc.). Register today and start your global discovery!

Currently this module is only available to students, staff and faculty with a Mason username (NetID).

Three Destinations along the Silk Road

Uzbekistan, India and China

Seven Tour Guides from George Mason University

Current Mason Students

Bonus Features

Trivia, Adventure and Languages