OIPS is online!

Now you can meet with your OIPS Advisor and attend OIPS Events virtually.  We are offering phone appointments, video appointments, and virtual events all online.


  • To schedule an appointment for almost any student or faculty immigration concern, call (703) 993-2970.
  • We have also expanded our online services to better accommodate you during this time.  Look at the OIPS Self Service Center to see our expanded list of online services.


  • All of our events for Fall 2020 will be online!
  • Download and log on to Mason360 for all upcoming events!
  • Check out our various social media accounts for our lasted updates and events.
  • All new International Students will receive information regarding the International Student Virtual Orientation going live in January 2021!
  • Please email oipsprog@gmu.edu if you have any questions about our fall programming.


Virtual Advising

OIPS is currently taking virtual advising appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:30-11:30 and 1:30-3:30.

Follow these steps for setting up a Virtual Advising Appointment with an OIPS Advisor:


Setting up Your Appointment:

  1. Call 703-993-2970 to schedule an appointment with an advisor.  You will be asked for your name, Gnumber, email address, and what you wish to discuss.
  2. After you schedule a WebEx meeting with your advisor, be sure to check your email regularly. An advisor will send you a meeting invitation by email.
    • The email will tell you:
      • The advisor's name
      • The day and date of the appointment
      • The time and duration of the appointment
      • How to connect to the appointment
  3. When you receive the email, be sure to RSVP.
  4. When the day and time for your appointment arrive, connect to the appointment by opening the email you received and following the instructions.
    • To join by WebEx, click the green Join Meeting button.
    • To join by phone, call the appropriate phone number.

Sample Email







Tips for Virtual Advising

After Your Appointment

Available Online Services

Check the OIPS Self Service Center for a comprehensive list of online services.

Here are a few popular services available online:

  • Cap Gap I-20 Request
  • F-2 Dependent Request Form
  • International Student check in Form
  • J Academic Training Workshop and Evaluation
  • OIPS Withdrawal (Leave of Absence) and Return Forms
  • Online OPT Workshop, Instructions, and OPT Request Form
  • OPT/STEM OPT Online Update Form (For Students on OPT)
  • Program Extension
  • Reduced Course
  • Reprint of I-20 or DS-2019 with Travel Signature delivered by Secure Email, First Class or E-ship Mailing
  • STEM OPT Request Form and Instructions, Evaluation(s)
  • Transfer Out

Receiving Online Services

Follow these steps to receive service online:

  1. Navigate to the OIPS Self Service Center
  2. Scroll to find your requested service.  All services are in alphabetical order.
    • Hint: If you can't find the service in the list, try pushing Control+F (for Windows) or Comand+F (for Mac) on your keyboard to search the page for what you want!
    • See the processing time on the right hand side of the page.
  3. Make sure you have all of the required documents complete.
  4. Complete the form and upload the required documents.
  5. Wait to hear from us!
    • If it has been outside of the processing time listed in the Self Service Center, then contact the OIPS office.

Virtual Walk In Hours

9:30 AM-11:15 AM EST
1:30 PM-3:15 PM EST

Virtual Walk-in Hours are set up for you to come in for a quick 5 minute advising session.   If you need a longer advising session, you should schedule a virtual appointment with an OIPS Advisor by contacting our Front Office.  We will still take appointments on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

For more information about Zoom, go here: https://its.gmu.edu/service/zoom/

Steps for Success: 

  1. Log into your Zoom account through https://gmu.zoom.us.
  2. Click on the Virtual Walk-ins Link at the appropriate time.
  3. Enter the Virtual Walk-ins Waiting Room.
  4. Complete our Virtual Sign-in Form: http://go.gmu.edu/VirtualWalkInsForm
    • If you do not complete the sign-in form, we will not be able to see you!  
  5. Stay by your computer while you wait.  You will see the next available Advisor.  It is first come, first serve.
    • Please note that your wait could be an extended amount of time.  


Live Webinars

Check out our upcoming live webinars!


We are excited to continue to connect with you virtually!  All of our events will be online for the Fall 2020 semester. Look for upcoming events on Mason360 and our social media accounts.

New International Students will be hearing from us soon with information about International Student Virtual Orientation going live in January 2021.

Also, be sure you’re registered for the OIPS Newsletter to receive weekly updates about events around campus and online starting in the Fall!