Online OPT Workshop

Students who are eligible to apply for OPT must complete the online OPT workshop in Blackboard BEFORE they can request an OPT I-20.

How do I know if I am eligible to apply for OPT?

RequirementsPre-completion OPTPost-completion OPT
1. You are maintaining your F-1 status at the time you applyRequiredRequired
2. You have been a full-time student in degree status in the U.S. for at least one academic yearRequiredRequired
3. You hold an unexpired I-20 that reflects your current major field and degree levelRequiredRequired
4. You hold a valid passportRequiredRequired
5. You are physically present in the U.S. and have not departed the U.S. since completing your program of study RequiredRequired
6. You have not used one year or more of OPT or of full-time CPT at your current degree levelRequiredRequired
7. You are in the final semester of your academic programNot applicableRequired

How do I request access to the online OPT workshop?

Please complete the online request form by clicking the button below.