Airport Transportation

The majority of the international students travel by Super Shuttle from the airport to Fairfax, VA.  It is cheaper than a taxi and more convenient than public transportation.  Public transportation is an option but can be challenging when you have a lot of luggage.  

Uber and Lyft are two smartphone applications that allow you to request a taxi that will pick you up based on your GPS location. They are cheaper and more convenient than taxis! When you download the app and sign up, enter your credit card information so you are automatically charged for the ride once you reach your destination. You do not need to pay or tip using cash — it is all included.

Please note that OIPS does not provide airport transportation.

In this video, Apurva talks about her experience taking the Super Shuttle.

The process of booking a super shuttle online is fairly simple.  You can book a shuttle online at: or download the App for iPhones or the App for Androids.

To learn more about the different airport transportation options, go to

CUE Bus and the Mason Shuttle Bus

In this video, you will learn the difference between the CUE bus and the Mason shuttle bus, including:

  • The bus routes - click here for CUE bus routes and click here for Shuttle bus routes
  • How to board the bus - you should board the bus at the front and show your Mason ID card
  • How to get off the bus - you have to pull the string to notify the driver (CUE bus only) and you can get off in the front or back

The CUE bus and the Mason shuttle bus are FREE for Mason students with a valid Mason ID.

Ekta’s Story

In this video, Ekta talks about her experience traveling by bus.  Ekta prefers the Mason Shuttle bus to travel to Vienna Metro because it is faster.  The Mason Shuttle bus only makes one stop between the Fairfax campus and Vienna Metro.

The easiest way to travel from Fairfax, VA to the Arlington campus or downtown Washington DC is by metro.  The Arlington campus is within walking distance of the Virginia Square-GMU stop on the Orange Line.  To learn more about Metrorail, go to

Useful links:

Tips on how to Ride the DC Metro

In the video, you will review tips on how to "beat the DC metro."

How to buy and use Metro’s SmarTrip card

In this video, you will learn how to buy and use Metro's SmarTrip® Card.  The majority of the international students use a SmarTrip® Card to pay for their metro fare.  It is fast and easy, and in addition, you get a $1 discount per trip.  To learn more about SmarTrip® Card, go to

Mason encourages everyone coming to campus to leave their car at home and ride their bike!

If you live too far from campus to ride in, then bring your bike along anyway and enjoy riding it while you are on campus. All public buses and Mason Shuttles are outfitted with bike racks. There are bike lanes, racks, shelters, and pumps located all over the Fairfax Campus. Bike racks and a Capital Bikeshare station are located on the Arlington Campus, and bike racks are also available at the SciTech Campus.

Register your bike with Parking and Transportation to receive a FREE U-lock, bike lights and safety information.

Shaun’s Story

In this video, Shaun talks about traveling out of state. Traveling by bus is very affordable. Did you know that you can travel to New York by bus for as little as $1 one way? Some students prefer to travel by train (Amtrak), however this option is more expensive.

New York City

If you plan to travel to New York, we highly recommend your read the Washington post article "Rolling with It.  The Best Bus for your Buck" prior to purchasing a ticket.

You can’t judge a bus by its exterior. Though they share the same route (Washington to New York) and mode of transportation (motor coach), the bus companies are vastly different. We should know: We hopped 10 coaches from 10 different lines, noting such details as pickup and drop-off locations, amenities and prices. We then combined the data with our experiences to formulate a bottom line and a ranking from one bus (skip it) to four buses (tops).

If you plan to travel by train on a regular basis, you might want to consider purchasing a Student Advantage Card.  To learn more about this discount, go to