Pursuing Another Degree Program at Mason (Change of Level)

If you will be pursuing another degree program at Mason (Change of Level) you are required to complete this 4 step checklist. You are required to apply to Mason, and upload the required documents. You will receive a new I-20 for your new program, and must submit an online check-in with OIPS

Many F-1 students decide to pursue another degree program at Mason.  If you are completing your current degree or finishing your authorized Optional Practical Training (OPT) and are admitted to a new degree program at George Mason University, Admissions will request documents to process a new I-20.  This I-20 is referred to as a Change of Level I-20. 

Step 2: Upload Your Documents

Once you intend to change your education level, you will need to request a new I-20 in order to maintain your F-1 status to continue your studies at George Mason University.  

The following documents are required in order to request a Change of Level I-20: 

  • Copy of Passport 
  • Copy of F1 Visa 
  • Bank Statement or Scholarship Letter 
  • Complete the Certificate of Financial Responsibility 
  • Copy of most recent I-20 

If you plan to apply for and work on OPT before changing your education level, email oipsregs@gmu.edu 

Step 4: Check in with OIPS

In addition to getting a Change of Level I-20, you are REQUIRED to check in with OIPS by completing the online International Student Check-in form. To get started, go to: https://oips.gmu.edu/international-student-check-in-form/ 

If you fail to check in with OIPS, you will be out of status. This means you will not be allowed to continue working on campus and you will lose your eligibility for all other benefits of your F-1 non-immigrant status.